Tell the European Union: protect the Web and Save Hyperlinks

Note: This action is now closed and the Commission has received all of your responses, and our full submission to their consultation.

If we don’t act now, comments on your favourite websites could be censored. Links on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, or your favourite blog could be redirected or blocked.

Right now, the European Union is considering damaging new regulations supported by powerful content publishers to limit your ability to link, share videos, and to express yourself online.

They’re even considering a new link tax as proposed by Germany's news publishers and Commissioner Oettinger.

Regardless of where you live, the Internet is a Global tool, and we’ll all be affected by these restrictions.

These proposals are being taken up in an online platform consultation. And to help you have your say, we’ve created an easy-to-use tool that highlights the most critical issues, without all the technical jargon. Please speak out now to provide a powerful balance to the outdated, anti-Internet media publishers who want to restrict our ability to freely link online.

Add your comments using the form to the right, and we’ll send them to the key decision-makers. You can choose to answer any or all of the questions by clicking on the buttons Q1, Q2, Q3, etc., to reveal each question.

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Our freedom to link is at risk! Tell decision-makers in your own words to protect our Right to Link.

Note that this survey contains five questions. Please click 'add your voice' only when you have responded to all the questions you would like to answer.
Question 1: When using platforms like SoundCloud or Facebook, have you ever seen legal content unfairly removed, or been unable to access it in your region?
Question 2: Do you think rightsholders (such as the film or music industries) have too much say in which content is taken down from the web? Do you understand why some content (e.g., pictures, videos, gifs) get taken off the Internet?
Question 3: Do you believe platforms such as SoundCloud, Twitter, or YouTube should face regulations requiring them to monitor your Internet activity, or filter and remove content you produce and share? Or should alleged infringement have to be proven in a court of law before censorship occurs?
Question 4: Should websites and users be forced to pay a link tax? Put simply: should websites have to pay money when using snippets of text to preview other content online?
Question 5: Do you agree that sharing content owned by others (pictures, videos, and blogs) should NOT be governed by the same rules that we use to punish extremism, hate speech, and abuse online. Why or why not?

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