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The widget calculates how many links are on your page and proves how much we rely on them. To fight back against link censorship, we need your help to get the word out. Can you embed our widget on your blog, web platform, or service and help us drive home the essential role that freely linking to content plays in our daily lives? **IMPORTANT REMINDER: You must load the widget script after the script that loads jquery. See the below image for a preview, and use the following code to embed on your website:

<script src="https://savethelink.org/sites/default/files/linkCount.js"></script>


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URL to share: act.openmedia.org/savethelink-call

Tell the EU to save the link while there’s still time.

MEPs need to hear from Internet users today! A Web without links is like a world without roads. But right now, old media giants and out-of-touch governments are pushing regulations that aim to censor links. Learn more and speak out today.


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Directly emailing your community and supporters is one of the biggest ways to make an impact. To help you or your organization get the word out, we've placed some effective email text into a Google document here for you to re-purpose.


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