EU Commission: Don’t exclude Internet users’ voices!

BREAKING: The EU Commission have announced they will exclude the voices of over 10,000 Internet users who submitted feedback to a crucial consultation on the future of the Web.

The consultation opens the door to an effective link tax, “the most dangerous attack on the hyperlink yet.” These 10,000+ Internet users wrote detailed comments to the Commission opposing link censorship. If we don’t pressure decision-makers now, they'll continue to ignore us.

ACT NOW: Tell EU Digital Economy Commissioner Oettinger and Vice President Ansip to listen to Internet users and Save our Right to Link.

Read the full letter here

Dear Commissioners Oettinger and Ansip,

I am dismayed to learn that the voices of over 10,000 Internet users — including over 2500 EU citizens — have been excluded from your public consultation on the role of online platforms.

This exclusion makes me question the purpose of this consultation, and undermines my faith in institutions like the European Commission.

These individuals took the time to make their voices heard and did so in good faith – please include our responses in the consultation and listen to Internet users as you move forward with new rules that will govern our online behaviour.


[Your Name Here]

PS: See what Internet users are saying at

Attn: Commissioners Oettinger & Ansip: don’t exclude the voices of over 10,000 Internet users from this crucial consultation.

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Why is the EU Commision blocking 10,000 Internet users?

EU Digital Economy Commissioner Oettinger and Vice President Andrus Ansip have some explaining to do.

Message these Commissioners on Twitter NOW using the tool below, and demand a full explanation of why over 10,000 citizen voices are being blocked from one of the most important consultations on the future of the open Web.

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