Stop link tax laws

Stop link tax laws
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BREAKING: The Link Tax is Officially on its Way
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It’s official: The EU Commission just proposed some of the worst copyright laws in the world. These include unprecedented new Link Tax powers for publishing giants, allowing them to charge fees for sharing links with snippets of text.

On September 14, the Commission presented its new rules to the European Parliament. Earlier leaks suggested the rules were worse than originally feared, and today’s announcement proved it. We have to stop this now.

Despite opposition from over 100,000 Internet users and dozens of civil society groups, the EU Commission has charged ahead with its wrong-headed plan.

Tell decision-makers in the European Parliament to reject this irresponsible Link Tax and other disastrous copyright measures. Speak out now, and we’ll keep you in the loop about what comes next in our plan to stop this reckless proposal.

In addition to this Link Tax, the Commission’s rules include invasive and costly methods for monitoring and filtering user content. This means censoring some of your favourite content and creativity online.

The Link Tax could make some of your favourite content virtually disappear from search engines. Users all over the world will be impacted.

This comes on the heels of a major court ruling that undermined our right to use hyperlinks. This means it’s more important than ever that EU decision-makers to stop this dangerous #LinkTax plan.

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Stop link tax laws.

The EU Commission has tabled copyright laws that will ruin our right to link. We can’t let this stand. Call on decision makers to stop the Link Tax now.

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